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  • Hoop Carpool
TipoStartup País España Startup interesada en Financiación, Clientes, Alianzas Estratégicas, Visibilidad, Talento, Programa de Aceleración, Espacio Coworking
  • Movilidad Urbana
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  • Fundada en 2019
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The average occupancy rate of vehicles is approximately 1 person per car. This results in car seats being empty 90% of the time, and a very obvious problem we all notice every day: TRAFFIC JAMS , ROAD CONGESTION, POLLUTION. No one has been able to solve this problem yet, but Hoop is here to optimize the occupancy rate of vehicles, reducing the amount of cars in the roads and improving life quality in cities and their periphery. Hoop does this by connecting drivers and passengers who have common origins and destinations for them to share rides to work, university, or anywhere in the city. Citizens that want to be passengers just have to introduce their desired route on our app and it will immediately show them all the other citizens that offer a seat on their car and that share a similar route at the same hour. Users are able to rate each

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